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The laser is aimed at the inked area and when fired causes a reaction in the ink which explodes the ink particles into microscopic pieces which your immune defence washes away, causing the tattoo to fade away over a number of visits. Some brighter colours don’t absorb the energy as well and take longer to break down, but often there is little or no trace of a tattoo after 5-15 sessions.

The ink used in your tattoo can slow the process. Colours such as black, red, deep blue or dark orange absorb the energy well and quickly fade. Bright whites, greens and light blues break down slowly and therefore require more treatment sessions and can require other types of laser treatment. Amateur or homemade tattoos tend to use weak inks and sit close under the top layer of skin, so are easier to treat. Professional tattoos use very permanent inks and tend to be deep in the skin. These tattoos can be very difficult to remove but with patience and persistence good results can be achieved.

I’m often asked “Does it hurt?”. All clients have different tolerance levels when it comes to pain. Many clients compare the feeling to an elastic band being snapped against the area. It’s uncomfortable but easily managed by most people. The process is very quick and we can break at any time. We have a number of customers having tattoos removed from their face or other sensitive areas and even these can easily be tolerated.

Another main concern is about scarring. With all medical procedures involving the skin there is a chance of scarring, however it is unlikely using our industry standard laser technology and utilizing the many years of experience we have that any scarring will occur.

There are many factors that influence the number of treatments necessary to remove a tattoo they include the tattoo age, the type of ink, the amount of ink, the depth and the colours used. However the most important factor is the laser technology being used to remove the tattoo. There are many cheap imported or old lasers out there, these cannot provide the same results as our industry standard Active Q-Switched laser and have many risks associated with their use. There is no need to take these risks. We are thoroughly trained, have the industry standard Active Q-Switched technology and can provide the service very affordably. At your free initial consultation we will give you a full appraisal including an estimation of the number of treatments necessary.

A word on the alternatives; There are other ways that a tattoo can be removed. Over the years we have been providing laser tattoo removal we have seen many clients who have attempted to have their tattoos removed using a chemical tattoo removal treatment. These treatments involve a variety of chemicals being tattooed into the existing inked area. These treatments can produce significant scar tissue which can be worse and more unsightly than the original tattoo. Dermabrasion is also an option; this is where the tattoo is removed by scraping away at the skin to remove the ink. Again, scarring is significant and the result, can look worse than the original tattoo.

Laser Tattoo Removal is the only real option to be considered. A consultation will inform you in detail about cost, which starts at £40 per treatment, the process and anything else you want to know.
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